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a great staff IS always behind a great athlete

Nicolas Charton

With over 15 years with elite soccer players and professional athletes in other sports (basket ball, handball, Judo, Track and field) I have made a priority to keep my knowledge up to date in order to continuously provide the best training methods to my athletes, and optimize their skill sets.

By individualizing the workouts, I have proved that my training techniques guaranty a higher performance in your sport performance and health.

Strength & Conditioning head coach

Master's degree in Strength & Conditioning Training and Sport Management.

AJ Auxerre Academy 2007-2012

AJ Auxerre Elite team 2012-2013

Al Hilal, KSA 1st league 2013-2014, qualified in the Asian Champion's League

Dunajska Streda, Slovakia 1st League 2015-2016

Al Shabab, KSA 1st League 2016-2017 

Al Duhail, Qatar, 2017-2020,

2x Champion Qatar Star League 2017/18 and 2019/2020

Winner Qatar Cup 2018

2x Winner Emir Cup 2018, 2019

3 participations Asian Champion’s league with 1⁄4 final 2018, round 16 2019

My collaborators

Guillaume Colin, strength and conditioning coach

Head strength and conditioning coach of AJ Auxerre elite team since 1996


French 1st division 1996

French cup 1996, 2003, 2005

1/4 finals champion’s league 1997

French cup U19 ‘’Gambardella’’ 1993, 1999, 2000, 2014

Benjamin Bouillet, sport nutritionist

Doctor in the Hospital of Dijon, Endocrinology, Diabetology and metabolic diseases.

Skills: Endurance Sports, Team Sports, Fighting Sports

Monitoring elite athletes in Basket, Judo, Karaté, Canoe, Track and Field, Trail

Jean-Marcel Ferret, sport doctor

Doctor for the French football national team 1993-2004

Won the 1998 Worldcup & 2000 Eurocup

Doctor Olympique Lyonnais (man, soccer) 1977-2008

Won the French 1st league 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008

High performance in sport requires special nutritional needs which are an important part in the performance of the athlete.

Inadequate nutrition could be responsible of failing during a game or a competition. The nutrition has an important role in the recovery process of the athlete and prevent many kind of injuries like muscle injuries or tendon injuries.

An individual nutrition strategy is therefore part of the overall management of a professional athlete.


Mouloud Dorgham, osteopath

Al Shabab Saudi Football Club 2016-2017

Al Hilal Saudi Football Club 2012-2016

International Soccer Players and Gymnasts

darras 4.jpg

François Darras, physiotherapist

AJ Auxerre since 1992

French national football team 2010-2012

Mauritania national football team since 2014

Sebastien Charton, strength and conditioning coach

Judoka 2nd dan

Martial arts specialist

Any loss of joints, muscles, ligaments or visceras mobility can cause an imbalance in health status. This manifests itself in the sportsman by various symptoms, from the simple contracture to the chronic pain, altering in any case the performances.Osteopathy improves your performance, through its specific action on the whole body, the osteopath will recognize and treat the real causes of pain limiting the practice of sports. By its effectiveness, it improves the muscular potential and power, joint flexibility and respiratory capacity.



our partners TMG

TMG-BMC Ltd. Is a cutting-edge biomechanics and kinesiology company providing the best in fitness and rehabilitation solutions for sports, medical, research and work related applications. Our own in-house research resources continually develop patented, highly effective programs for the optimization of the training and rehabilitation processes for top sportspeople as well as general physiotherapy and medical requirements.

As a result of creating and developing the field of Tensiomyography (TMG), TMG-BMC Ltd’s unique products and techniques have already been adopted by major users from elite football clubs such as FC Barcelona to leading medical and research institutions.

TMG-BMC Ltd. is fast becoming the primary option for accurate, non-invasive and cost effective diagnosis and treatment.

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