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Move better. Play faster. Be stronger.

Our methodology



We have a process including physical, functional and medical tests. Based on the results we know how to work with you and what training fits you best.



Based on your playing season and your expectations, we plan the individualized training and implement individualized routines that fit you.



We keep following you through our Key Performance Indicators, detecting any anomaly that would prevent you from performing the best.

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How do we work?

With the Fit the ground process, we won't overlook what makes you so special. Considering your specific goals, sport season, past injuries, and performing various numerous, we want to find out how to improve your performance.

From conditioning to recovery, we cover any aspect of what will make you better tomorrow.

Don’t stop, move on and improve your abilities every day, in every way.

What is a functional test?


By inhibiting proper movements, muscles restrictions are the worst ennemies of elite athletes' performances and could potentially lead you to injuries.

The functional assessment tests allow us to diagnose any movement limitation caused by muscle imbalance. By knowing your body, we exactly know what conditioning fits you best.

Watch this example on the left where the player is doing a jump forward on one leg. Can you see the knee going in? This is a strong signal of a non-optimized movement, proving muscles imbalance in the leg and foot.

Fortunately, through a specific conditioning we know how to fix it.

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Summer Camp

You just finished a long, hard season and you’ll need a full rest during your vacation. But how can you continue to improve yourself to be better for the next season?

Stay ahead of the game by developing and maintaining a competitive edge and join one of our summer camps before you restart the pre-season in your club.

Invest in yourself, invest in your career.

Fit the ground will provide you with daily physical conditioning based on medical, physical and functional tests.

Based 2 hours in the south of Paris, we are idealy located to offer you both a relaxing environment and an easy access. Don't worry, wherever you come from, we organize your transportation from the airport to our place.

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A good health and a low rate of injury will help you to keep a high level of performance.

Unfortunately, when you get a severe injury, you’ll need adapted assistance to get back on track, to heal in the appropriate way.


Fit the ground is ready to help you and offers two options:

* Join our camp close; receive highly trained medical advices for a successful rehabilitation with us.

* You can’t move? No problem, Fit the ground staff come directly to you in order to work and help you to come back into your best shape.



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